SF6 Gas Applications

Green-Watt Relations is a Co-branding between Green-Watt, India and Relation’s group China. Relations group is one of the biggest SF6 Gas Recycling Device manufacturer with most advanced SF6 recycling & monitoring technology. Green-Watt Relations products in India are supported by Green-Watt’s expert technical support.

SF6 Gas Handling Equipment: –

SF6 Gas Purification Cart

SF6 Gas Purification Cart

The first ever SF6 gas purification unit which can restore the the SF6 gas quality to 99.99% purity by removal of  all type of contaminants including Air & CF4

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Service Cart

Picture1The service carts are available with below features -:

  1. Evacuation
  2. Filteration
  3. Refilling
  4. Storage etc .

SF6 Refilling and Evacuating Devices 

SF6 Refilling and evacuating Devises

Refilling & Evacuating devices are available with below functions

  1. Vacuum Pump for evacuation
  2. Weighing Scale for SF6 Gas Cylinder
  3. Pressure Gauge
  4. SF6 Cylinder Heater etc.



Gas Purity Analyzer  (RA-500FP)

Gas Purity Analyzer

Capable of measuring purity of SF6 in a given sample with accuracy of  ±0.2%.

RA-500FP uses the miniature thermal conductivity detector, special gas path structure and precision electronic flow meter.It adopts world’s best dew point transmitter as the core measurement unit of the entire system


 Gas Dew Point Analyzer (ZA-3500) SF6 Gas Handling Equipments

  1. Measurement of dew point: -80~+20℃
  2. Typical precision: better than ±1℃
  3. Operation and control by colour touch screen with self calibration feature
  4. Storage and printing of measurement data
  5. Lithium battery supply super-long standby
  6. SF6 gas non-toxic discharge device and print function (optional)*

Gas Leak Detector

SF6 Gas Handling EquipmentPGas-32:  portable infrared gas detector is a kind of hand-held instrument that can perform continuous measurement of gas with below features :-

  1. NDIR non-dispersive infrared principle.
  2. High sensitivity; the detection resolution of leakage can reach 0.1ppm
  3. Can be charged by USB or AC adopter, convenient and quick.
  4. Read and analyse the data by PC software through USB.
  5. Helpful in quantitative display of gas leakage .
  6. Sound and light alarm

SF6 gas leakage detector XP1A
XP-1A : Portable SF6 gas leakage detector

  1. Microprocessor control, with Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  2. Tricolor visual display of SF6 leak intensity
  3. Seven (7) levels of sensitivity provide an increase of up to 64x
  4. Tactile keypad controls
  5. Real-time SF6 sensitivity adjustment
  6. Battery test function
  7. Battery voltage indication
  8. Power Supply: 3V DC, two”C” cell Alkaline batteries
  9. Maximum Sensitivity: 14g/yr
  10. Operating Temperature: ,-10~52°C

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