Oil BDV Test Set (GW-OBD80/100)

Oil BDV Test Set

As the name suggests, Oil BDV Test Set (GW-OBD80/100) is used for measuring breakdown strength of the insulating oil.

  • The dielectric strength of an insulating oil is a measure of the oils ability to withstand electrical stress without
  • The test involves applying a ac voltage at a controlled rate to two electrodes immersed in the insulating fluid.
    The gap is a specified distance. When the current arcs across this gap the voltage recorded at that instant is the dielectric strength breakdown strength of the insulating liquid.

Oil BDV Test Set (GW-OBD80/100)

Key Specifications of Oil BDV Test Set (GW-OBD80/100)

  • Small in size
  • Light weight & portable with integrated handle
  • Programmable Test Sequences as per IEC156/IS6792/BS5874
  • Programmable & calculation of the average value of the oil breakdown strength
  • Easily adjustable electrodes
  • Integrated thermal printer

GW Oil BDV Test Set-OBD80/100 series of equipment are best blend of ruggedness, simplicity & advance features as below:

  • Selectable stirring time
  • Selectable stewing time
  • Programmable test repetitions for average BDV value calculation
  • Print facility



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