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Load Looker Ammeter

Current Sensors-Load Looker Ammeter


Load Looker Ammeter  (500KV , 5000A ) -:

Rugged, Application-Specific Design
Materials and construction are designed for field-condition rigors

Typical applications include:

  •  Identifying load imbalances
  • Verifying accuracy of current transformers
  • Determining load to select properly sized jumpers
  • Measuring load before opening switches


  • Simple Pushbutton Operation, Direct-Reading Accuracy
  • Push it once to turn on LoadLooker
  • Push it a second time and LoadLooker will display the
    word HOLD
  • Will continue to display the next reading it “sees” until
    you push the button to clear
  • This lets you bring it down from the line to eye level to
    read it
  • After five idle minutes, unit will turn itself off
  • You can also manually turn it off by keeping the button
    depressed for five seconds
  • Operator’s Manual and storage case are included

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