Hot Stick Tester (Wet/Dry)

Hot Stick Tester (Wet/Dry)






Hot Stick Tester (Wet/Dry) is For easy, portable compliance with industry standards

Controls and meter for all requirements
Simple to operate, this portable unit makes easy work of testing insulated live-line tools. It features wet and dry modes selected by a toggle switch and follows procedures specified by ASTM, IEEE and OSHA. Its graduated meter gives precise readout of each tool’s leakage current.

Portable operating ease
For testing any length fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) hot stick up to 3 inches in diameter, the Wet/Dry Tester offersconvenience for spot checks at field jobsites or periodic diagnostics in the workshop.

It’s like having full-scale test setups for both Wet 75kV-perfoot and Dry 100kV-per-foot in a compact, self-contained unit easily carried and operated by just one person.

In the Setup procedure before each use, a zeroing knob is used to set the meter to zero without a tool in the tester. Then the furnished Check Bar is used as a self-check to make sure the tester is functional.

A seven-minute videotape included with each unit demonstrates “how-to” basics for Setup, Dry and Wet tests. The illustrated Owners Manual gives specifics which must be read and understood before operating the tester.

Hot Stick Tester (Wet/Dry) is also come with below Model

1. 115V
2. 230V


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