Lightning Arrester Tester

Lightning Arrester Tester

GREEN-WATT’s Lightning Arrester Tester (GW LA-100+) is the special instrument to be used to detect the electrical properties of Lightning Arrestors (LA/MOSA). GW LA-100+ is capable of testing LA  online using three main methods as per IEC -:

  1. Measurement from LA Leakage Current Directly
  2. Measurement from LA Leakage Current & Line PT Voltage directly for most reliable results as per IEC .
  3. Measurement from LA Leakage Current & Line PT Voltage using Field Probe as per latest IEC requirements
Product Features of Lightning Arrester Tester (GW LA-100+)
  • Large-screen LCD Display, English user menu, Easy to use.
  • Use Precision Sampling and Fourier harmonic analysis techniques to get reliable data.
  • Measures 3rd Harmonic Resistive Current , Total Resistive Current , Total Leakage Current , V-I Angle
  • Rechargeable battery, calendar clock, Inbuilt micro printer, can store 120 group measurement data

Online Lightning Arrester Testing in 400KV Switchyard using GW-LA 100


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