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Partial Discharge Testing Setup for HV Labs by Green-Watt

Partial Discharge Testing Setup for HV Labs by Green-Watt

Partial Discharge (PD) – “Localized dielectric breakdown of a small portion of a solid or fluid electrical insulation system under high voltage stress, which does not bridge the space between two conductors. While a corona discharge is usually revealed by a relatively steady glow or brush discharge in air, partial discharges within a solid insulation system are not visible.”

IEC 60270 – partial discharge measurements – is applicable to the measurement of partial discharge which occurs in electrical apparatus, systems, and components when tested with DC voltage or AC voltage up to 400 Hz.

Basic Test Equipment Requirements:

Digital Partial Discharge 1
Analogue Partial discharge Detector2
Partial Discharge CalibratorPDC
Measuring Impedance / Input Unitm
High Current Input Unithigh-current-input-unit
Non-PD Test TransformerP-11&12 试验变压器 - Copy
Motor-Driven Contact Type Voltage RegulatorP-14 调压器 - Copy
Motor-Driven Column Type Voltage RegulatorP-15 调压器 - Copy
Non-PD Coupling CapacitorP-17 耦合电容器 - Copy
Intermediate TransformerP-16 调压器 - Copy
Non-PD Capacitive Voltage DividerP-18 电容分压器 - Copy

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