Power Calibrator

Power CalibratorSystem Characteristics of Power Calibrator
  • Calibration of DC Meter, AC meter, phase, frequency meters, power meters, factor meters, multimeter, electric measurement transducer and other indicating instruments, with built-in automatic and manual verification, automatically calculate the error and round off the data in accordance with the statutes.
  • Internal high precision meter of voltage , current, phase, power, power factor and harmonic meter; outputting voltage, current, phase, active power, artificial reactive and real reactive power ; using software on output closed-loop control to guarantee stability and low drift; Current sources has the function of open circuit protection and open circuit alarm, Voltage source has the short circuit protection function.
  •  Arbitrary output 2~31 order harmonics, which 2~19th for class 0.1 standards and 20~31th for class 0.2 standards.
  • Large screen LED display, full pop-up menus, multiple operation mode of rotary encoder, touch keyboard and PC Windows.
  • Built-in RS232 interface for easy software upgrade, checked meter data can be uploaded to PC Via the built-in interface for easy to manage.
  • The device is durable as high strength aluminum alloy chassis for vibration resistant and impact resistance, built-in reliable high-power cooling unit.
  • Optional for class 0.1 and class 0.05
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