Protective Grounding-Set Tester

Protective Grounding-Set Tester








Self-contained, portable convenience

Protective Grounding-Set Tester provides an easy way for an electric utility to check the resistance in protective grounding sets used by line personnel. Powered by 120 VAC, the tester applies Direct Current across the test specimen. A seven-minute videotape, included with each unit, shows how simple the tester is to use. Procedure details are given in the instruction manual. All components store in the tester’s integral carrying case.

Protective Grounding-Set Tester Simple, one-button testing

From pushing a single button, the digital display shows the resistance measured in milliohms compared with a preset threshold for the size grounding cable selected (#2, 1/0, 2/0 or 4/0). A green “Pass” or red “Fail” light also indicates the test result’s relation to the threshold.

For system-specific requirements, the user can easily change the Tester’s basis for voltage allowed across a lineworker, which comes factory preset at 100 Volts. Adjusting this limit automatically causes a corresponding shift in the resistance thresholds for all the grounding cable sizes.

Regardless of the voltage-allowed setting or cable size selected, the Tester displays the resistance of each specimen in milliohms with ±1% accuracy, from 1 micro-ohm to 6.5 ohms.

The utility must establish the maximum resistance allowed for protective grounding sets used on each specific area of its systems. How the utility calculates these values depends on several factors outlined in the Tester instructions. Sample calculations with reference tables and charts are given in the manual.

Protective Grounding-Set Tester also available in below Model

1. 120V
2. 230V


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