Super Tester Voltage Detector

Super Tester Voltage Detector















The Super Tester’s lights blink and alarm sounds when placed in an electrostatic field above the trigger threshold of the device. Five flashing red lights alert the operator and high- pitched tones also signal nearby personnel of present voltage that could be dangerous when applying temporary grounds or performing maintenance. It can be used to check overhead lines, in substations and around switchgear. It simply slips over the head of a standard 11/4″-diameter disconnect stick. It also may be used on a Chance Grip-All clampstick, universal, telescoping or positive-grip hot line stick fitted with a special adapter (see table below).

Design Features
A handy three-way switch permits selection of either the 1 – 100 kV or the 100 – 800 kV range for the circuit being tested and turns off the unit to save the battery when not in use. A 9-Volt alkaline battery readily installs by remov- ing two knurl-head screws and sliding off the instrument cover. A test button checks both the battery and the tester. Depressing the button activates the signal circuits, sounding the tone and lighting the alarm lamps if the battery is good and unit operable. Each unit comes with instructions packed in a lined, reinforced case with carrying handle.

Turn on tester with selector switch for voltage range required. Check battery and unit by pushing “Test” button. If tone volume is not clear or indicator lights are not bright, replace battery and recheck to ensure unit is operable. Mount tester on proper hot line tool. For maximum-strength signals, place the tester within the following minimum proximity to the circuit being tested.


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