Testing Services

Testing Services

Relay Testing Services


Relay Testing using Advance Relay Test Kits having accuracy of 0.15% , Automatic generated reports With time stamping are submitted.


Scope of Relays (Partial)

  • Overcurrent relays
  • Inverse time overcurrent relays
  • Undercurrent relays
  • Ground fault relays
  • Directional overcurrent relays
  • Directional ground fault relays
  • Overvoltage relays
  • Undervoltage relays
  • Directional voltage relays
  • Directional power relays
  • Power factor relays
  • Differential protection (differential circuits)
  • Distance protection equipment (phase by phase)
  • Negative sequence overcurrent relays
  • Motor overload protection
  • Automatic reclosing devices
  • Tripping relays
  • Voltage regulating relays
  • Overimpedance relays,Z>
  • Underimpedance relays, Z
  • Electrical Based Transducer testing feature
  • Energy Meter testing feature
  • Synchroniser Relay
  • Time-delay relays
Testing Services

Current Transformer Testing


Current & Voltage Transformers are integral part of Power System as they provide Inputs for Metering & Protection devices. Testing Services are conducted using highly advance State of Art CT/PT analyzer with accuracy of 0.1% for all types of CT/PT ( ie Protection of Metering Class) . After Test automatic software generated reports with time stamping are submitted .

Tests for Current Transformer:

  • Excitation curve and parameters test
  • Turns ratio test
  • Ratio and phase error test
  • Polarity mark check
  • Winding resistance measurement
  • Secondary loop burden measurement
  • Error line curve test for protection CT
  • Transient CT parameters test
  • CT nameplate guess
  • Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement

Tests for Voltage Transformer:

  • Turns ratio and phase angle error test
  • Polarity test
  • Secondary burden test
  • Winding resistance test
Testing Services

Energy Meter Testing


Energy Bills are always the point of controversy. Recertify your Energy Meters accuracy by highly accurate Energy Meter Testing references with 0.05% accuracy. Testing is followed by Software generated report with time stamping



Testing Services

Earth Integrity Testing

Earth Testing

The main reason of earthing in electrical network is safety. When all metallic parts in the electrical equipment are grounded and the insulation inside the equipment fails there would be no dangerous voltages in the equipment casing.

If the live wire touches the grounded casing, the circuit will short and fuse will blow immediately. There will not be any dangerous voltage after the fuse is blown. We test the integrity of your system by using State Of Art Equipment based on fall of potential method & other advance derived methods . Equipment used are having AFC feature ( Automatic Frequency Controller)  function for getting better stable results in noisy surroundings of HV Switchyards .

Testing Services

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging, also known as Thermography, is a technique for producing an image of invisible infrared light emitted by objects with the use of a thermal imaging camera. Thermal imaging cameras provide rapid scanning of a surface that is nondestructive and environment friendly, which allows for quick detection of potential problems or defects that will reduce troubleshooting time and preventive maintenance.

We have high quality thermal imager cameras upto  640 X 480 Pixel resolution to present you a detailed and elaborated thermal view of your critical assets .


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